Sunday, September 7, 2008

Streetcar Named Desire

I feel that the Jessica Lange, excerpt from the play, " A Streetcar Named Desire," was the best depiction of what Tennessee had envisioned. For instance, in his quote, Williams talks of being of the character being frightened and scared of life. It is evident in the tone of Blanche's voice and it's shakiness that she was quite timid. Also, the strength Williams speaks of is displayed when she controls her self from breaking down when talking about death.

I see the Vivien Leigh portrayal of Blanche as a weaker representation. For example, she does whatever the male in the situation tells her and also is there at his beckoning call. In Lange's, she does the monologue by herself and acts as if she needs no other guy or person for that matter to lean on.

Strong will and strength are two strong factors which are ever so present in numerous works of Tennessee Williams. Blanche in "A Streetcar Named Desire" is no exception. I feel this is best represented in Jessica Lange's version of the play.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Modernism vs. Postmodernism

In The Rudy Elmenhusrt Story, the character of Yolanda is the best example of the differences in modernism and postmodernism. In the story she is the perfect contrast of the postmodern antagonist, Rudy Elmenhurst. For instance, Yolanda has a perception of right an wrong, when she talks of how a guy should talk in front of a female. She says, " If my father had heard a man use such obscenities before his daughters, he would have asked him to step outside, where he would have defended my honor." In addition, in the beginning of the story, Yolanda would never allow Rudy to stay the night in her room, she would frequently say, "You've got to go, Rudy." Both instances exhibit her modernistic views in her believing that not only is there a right and wrong way for a guy to speak in front of a woman, but also it is not right for a guy to shack up with a girl. In the modernism perspective there are distinct actions which are right and wrong, and clearly Yolanda has these same beliefs.